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May 17, 2012

Bonny Eagle dedicating theater

P. Michael Bourgoin was the theater teacher for many years at Bonny Eagle High School and impacted the lives of many many students. Mr. Bourgoin passed away last year and his students requested he be honored. On Saturday night the theater will be named for him and the dedication will include an alumni variety show. Read the entire article from today’s Bangor Daily News by staff writers Seth Koenig and Troy R. Bennett by clicking here.


  1. Mike Bourgoin taught me when I was in high school. He taught drama back in the early seventies in Sanford, Maine and was indeed one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He influenced all of us, but especially, me. He let me pursue my own interests when I know he wanted me to take a major role. Instead, during my senior year, and during the last performances I did work on the sets, helped with backstage work and did makeup…all things I wanted to learn about and try. Those ‘older’ folks in Sanford still talk about the cast that year as one of the best they’d ever had. I know it was because Mike made it so wonderful by his talent and abilities to share his love of his craft with us.

  2. Thanks Joyce for sharing your wonderful memories about Mike. He sounds like an incredible human being who has left his mark on many!

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