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May 26, 2012

Yesterday morning

Sadly, Maine’s world of arts education has lost another wonderful teacher. Yesterday morning, when leaving for her art teaching job at Glenburn Elementary School, Jackie McTigue was in a car accident. Her principal, Tom Sullivan, said that “she thought of every student in the school like they were her own. She was incredibly special.”

Jackie was involved in the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative by taking a graduate assessment course this winter. The course was offered through the New Englad Institute for Teacher Education. The blog post from February 14th has a photo with Jackie working on assessment ideas.

My thoughts are with the students and staff of Glenburn Elementary School as they struggle with the loss of this treasured teacher.

One comment

  1. Disbelief, memories and wonder at how lucky I am to have
    improved my teaching practice by learning from Jackie.

    My heart goes out to all that have been touched by her.

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