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Carol Deetjen Retiring

June 2, 2012

Art teacher from Boothbay Region Elementary School

I have know Carol Deetjen since she started teaching art in Boothbay 32 years ago. I remember when I was a young child my mother introducing me to her friends and saying she had known them for about the same amount of time. I remember thinking WOW, how can that be?! The idea of being friends with someone for that many years astounded me. Now, here I am all these years later, having many friends for more than 30 years.

Last winter while at the Hancock County Technical Center I met Carol’s son, Bobby, who is on staff there. He was creating a bulletin board in the hallway and I just couldn’t walk past without remarking on the outstanding letters he was using to title it. I could tell they were handmade and remarked to him that he must have had a really good art teacher while growing up. His response: “my mother is an art teacher”. Of course we went on from there making the connection. I had heard stories of Carol’s son Bobby over the years and was glad to finally meet him.

Carol emailed recently to tell me about the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens first student art exhibit for the Boothbay area schools reflecting a “birds and blossom” view of the gardens. Carol was responsible for creating artwork for the exhibit with her grade 5 students and it was, in Carol’s words: “very cool”.

Under Carol’s guidance the students created multi-level watercolor collage pieces and put them together into a wallhanging. The Botanical Gardens asked to use the artwork in their new Education Center for the summer.

As Carol winds down her last year of teaching she is reminiscing about all the wonderful memories she has from her years of teaching art! CONGRATULATIONS CAROL and THANKS  A BUNCH for all you’ve done for Maine children and their art education!

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