Dance at George Stevens Academy

June 8, 2012

GSA Arts Festival 2012

Each year at George Stevens Academy during the annual Arts Festival the students in dance classes have a chance to show others their accomplishments.

I received this email recently with a link to the video footage from the festival.

“We had fun and worked hard and enjoyed sharing with our friends and school. Special thanks to our guest artists Alison Chase, Kenneth Neil, & Jessica Bendig from Alison Chase Performance Group, and Nathaniel Dombek, & Maiki Saito from Maine State Ballet; we loved the energy they brought to our stage.

Throughout the year GSA Introduction to Dance class enthusiastically taught and performed Beyoncé’s Move Your Body with the goal of sharing our love and support for GSA alumnus, US Marine Jake Fox, and his healing journey after a roadside bomb in Afghanistan wounded him.”

Not only were these students engaged in their learning but doing it thoughtfully in support of a marine makes the learning that much more meaningful.

To view all the video footage please click here.

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