Celebration of Arts Education

June 15, 2012

A great day for the arts

First Lady Anne LePage Welcoming families to the Blaine House

At the Celebration of Arts Education the First Lady welcomed K-6 arts students from Bangor elementary and middle schools to the Blaine House and thanked the students for sharing their work at the Department of Education. Mr. James Banks, chair of the state board, congratulated the students for their accomplishments in the arts. Stephen Bowen, Commissioner of Education, introduced three kindergarten students who performed a song they had written with the guidance of their music teacher, Anne Chamberlain-Small. Students has worked on the song all year using garage band and it is on the Department’s YouTube channel.

At the completion of the singing the students received certificates and “I am a musician” button. Artists were announced and each of them were presented a “I am an artist” button and a certificate.

After enjoying cookies and punch in the dining room the families were welcomed at the Department of Education to view the artwork on display. The musicians sang their song a second time. Many families made a day of it visiting other places of interest in Augusta.

Student artwork are posted on the Bangor art exhibit page found on the right side of the front page of the blog. The exhibit remains unil the end of June. Earlier this month a post was made on the specifics of the art exhibit.

Season Make a Rainbow Score

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