Operation Contact!

June 23, 2012


You may be aware that VSA Maine closed its doors in 2011, leaving a large gap in services to artists with disabilities. The Maine Arts Commission would like to do everything they can to help fill the gap. To start, they need to know who the artists with disabilities are—in all disciplines—visual arts, performing arts and literary artists. They’d like to enlist your help in Operation Contact! by communicating the information below to as many people as possible. Please read and pass it forward…

Operation Contact!

The Maine Arts Commission believes the arts are for everyone and is currently conducting outreach to artists with disabilities, so we can know the community and develop appropriate programs to serve artists with disabilities. We’re interested in hearing from artists in all disciplines—visual arts, performing arts, traditional arts and literary arts. We would like to create a mailing list so that we can keep you informed of initiatives and issues related to artists with disabilities. Please contact Keith Ludden, Accessibility Coordinator, Maine Arts Commission, keith.ludden@maine.gov or 207/287-2713.

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