Mentos and Coke Does Portland!

June 29, 2012


For several years I have wanted to see Eepybird do their “thing” with the Mentos and Coke. That is Diet Coke to be exact. Well, last night in Portland I had the chance, finally! They performed in Monument Square in front of an audience of all ages. Many of the young attendees were in the front and yes, they got wet. Eepybird kicked off the first four day Performing Arts Festival. There are almost 80 peformers during the event.

Fritz Grobe and Steven Voltz use over 100 bottles of soda and over 600 Mentos candies. It takes three hours to set up for the event which takes about 3 minutes to complete, start to finish. You can go to the article from the Bangor Daily News and watch a video that shows the performance.

The show was fun and just like I imagined!


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