Back from Vacation!

July 10, 2012

It was a glorious week

I had a wonderful week off for vacation. I was successful in only checking my personal email and as you can see (as promised) I did not blog at all. I was able to fulfill my hope of spending a great deal of time outside especially since the weather was so beautiful. Considering what the weather has been in other parts of the country, Maine has certainly been fortunate! However, my younger son is in Santa Maria California for the summer interning as a “stitcher” at a theater called PCPA and whenever I ask “how’s the weather?” the answer is always the same “75 degrees and sunny”. Being a Mainer he is almost ready for some “other” weather!

I was able to get to the beach, do some outside painting, play in the garden, kayak with the full moon, go on the lakes and salt water to smile at the sunshine, and eat outside EVERYDAY. I even had a yard sale and got rid of unwanted items. Anyone interested in 5 lava lamps? One of them is almost 3 feet high. I will give you a great deal!

On the 4th of July we met my older son who is guiding a 22-day kayaking trip from Chewonki (in Wiscasset) to Mount Desert Island and surprised the trip members with newspaper boat hats and a flag cake in celebration of the holiday. The next day was the next biggest holiday, my birthday. It was a grand day out that included a walk on the Breakwater at the Samoset in Rockland. As we approached the lighthouse 9 schooners paraded by close enough to speak to the passengers. What a delight! They sailed in next to the lighthouse and the Breakwater for the evening.

My week ended with a trip to Brunswick to see Legally Blonde at the Maine State Theater. Not only was the show outstanding but the evening was perfect. My son, the stitcher, in CA has created the costume for the lead in Legally Blonde out there so we just couldn’t miss attending here. Come to find out one of my former students is the stitcher at Maine State Theater. Wow!

I am back at the office at the Maine Department of Education catching up on emails and making travel plans for Colorado next week. Catherine Ring will be joining me presenting at the national arts assessment conference at Rocky Mountain College of Art. We will be sharing the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative information so others can learn from our experience.

I am also busy planning the 2nd arts assessment institute for teacher leaders of the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative being held the end of July in Portland at Maine College of Art. The teacher leaders have been engaged in online wiki conversations discussing Leadership, Technology, and Assessment. Their energy, commitment, and knowledge is evident in their comments. These folks will be offering workshops throughout the state during the next school year so please watch for these opportunities that are designed for arts teachers!





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