Day 3: Maine Arts Assessment Initiative Institute

August 8, 2012

Leadership and Creativity

On day 3 of the MAAI institute teacher leaders participated in two Leadership sessions and a session on Creativity. Brunswick High School Art teacher Jennie Driscoll facilitated the first leadership session through hands-on experiences that led to identifying the characteristics of leaders. Some of those identified were risk taker, communicator, confident, humility, trust, and compassion.

MAAI leadership team member and Executive Director of the New England Institute for Teacher Education Catherine Ring facilitated the second leadership session where participants took a close look at their role as leaders; in their schools, districts, communities and beyond. They looked at the research and explored questions including How do we work with adults to encourage change?

Leadership team member and Bates College instructor Bronwyn Sale facilitated the Creativity session.  Included in the Maine Learning Results: Parameters for Essential Instruction the Visual and Performing Arts include Standard C. Creative-Problem Solving. As arts educators this standard represents creativity, the creative process, creative thinking, and creative problem solving. All of these were examined in this session and should be taught intentionally in the arts classroom.

Teacher leaders continued working on their individual action plans putting together what they were learning during the institute. The plans include their ideas for their regional workshops that they will facilitate throughout the school year. The day ended with a celebration of the good work the teacher leaders are doing at a reception with MECA’s President Don Tuski in the college’s gallery ICA.

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