Day 4: Maine Arts Assessment Initiative Institute

August 9, 2012

Presentations, questions, next steps

The last day of the 4-day summer institute gave the teacher leaders from the second phase of the MAAI the opportunity to share their ideas for regional workshops. The opportunity was equally valuable for the leadership team and the first phase teacher leaders to learn from the presentations. The topics varied as much as the 20 teacher leaders do in their learning and teaching.

Part of the afternoon was spent on formative assessment “in action” through MLTIs (Maine Learning Technology Initiative) version of Jeopardy. The game was created by Tim Hart who works for Apple with MLTI and the questions were created by the teacher leaders from the first phase. It was a great fun and an example of how formative assessment doesn’t have to be stressful and serious. The categories matched our work for the week: Assessment, Technology, Leadership, and Creativity.

The day concluded with participants providing feedback including their “takeaways”. I’ve included some of the points so you can get an idea of the opportunity that these teacher leaders had and some of what they will take into their classrooms, schools, and regions.


  • The creative process is teachable and assessable.
  • Lots of awesome arts teachers in Maine.
  • The MAAI is growing strong.
  • None of us are as smart as all of us.
  • Some ideas about sparking creativity.
  • There is a broad spectrum of understanding w/regard to standards.
  • Ways of creating digital portfolios.
  • Different methods that can be used to track progress.
  • There are many ways to approach delivery of content.
  • New people and what they’re doing.
  • Bento (data)
  • News: Nationally & State.
  • Creative thinking/problem solving.
  • Where we are with Core and National Standards.
  • How to make the computer talk.
  • How to engage 30+ people in activities that are fun and they can learn.
  • We are all resources and can learn from each other.
  • I’ve learned a better understanding of formative vs. summative assessment.
  • More techniques for meaningful assessments.
  • Numerous resources and where to go for more information on any topic we discussed.
  • New Skills – technology, vocabulary.
  • New colleagues, friends & collaborators.
  • Renewed energy, we can do this.
  • Technology info. i.e. – MTLI minutes – note-share, script, sketch-up, etc.
  • A ton of resources books, online sites.
  • Ideas from discussions w/peers.
  • Activities & Assessments I can use w/my students i.e. consensogram, stickies, games.
  • Become a strong leader.
  • Assessing is important for everyone involved.
  • MLTI!!
  • There are many colleagues out there, willing to help!
  • The arts are Central, not peripheral.
  • Assessments can be straight forward & clear, not as scary as first thought!
  • Maine Learning.Net
  • Connections/Friendships
  • More confidence in myself & the Initiative.
  • Creativity Research
  • A better understanding of Standards-based assessment.
  • Data collection tools.
  • Quantifying, creative thinking/learning.
  • New energy and thinking process.
  • Inspirations.
  • Respect.
  • Using mind maps is very helpful.
  • Apply what I’ve learned regarding assessment (Just do it).
  • Continue communication and observation of great educational leaders.
  • I can do this!
  • Other educators have problems similar to mine.
  • Arts teachers are really enthusiastic.
  • I know more than I thought I did.
  • I can use new technology and enjoy it!

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