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Arts Integration Transforming Schools

October 7, 2012

Edutopia recent focus on arts integration

Edutopia focused on integration and as they do so well covered many areas within the topic. The article Schools Transformation Through Art Integration written by Mariko Nobori for Edutopia explains what is going on at the Wiley H. Bates Middle School, a public school in Annapolis, Maryland after they became fully arts integrated in 2009. The transformation has positively impacted student behavior and learning.

The Edutopia staff wrote a piece called A Research-Based Approach to Arts Integration that includes the NAEP research along with other background information. Also included is the Bates Middle School information on the student growth in math and reading that was reported to the Maryland State Department of Education.

You can see the program in action in this YouTube and hear from students as well as school educators. I suggest that when you click on one of the links above that you read the other articles including How the Arts Unlock the Door to Learning.

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