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Rhode Island Legislation on STEM to STEAM

November 29, 2012

An initiative being driven by the Rhode Island School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design is leading the conversation around STEM to STEAM.

Art and Design create opportunities for economic growth. US Representative from Rhode Island, Jim Langevin, introduced legislation to create a STEM to STEAM council bringing together artists, designers, education and business leaders to create a comprehensive approach to incorporate art + design into federal STEM programs.

John Maeda, President, of RISD believes that we need to put art + design into STEM to help the US remain competitive. He says that creativity is a “right” and that the arts need to be part of the innovation conversation. “That the studio practice model creates innovators, people that can see and solve problems differently”.

You can watch a panel presentation that includes Maeda and Langevin among others that took place in Rhode Island by clicking here.



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