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Artwork Selected for First Lady’s Baby Journal

November 30, 2012

Artists named

Grace Dimick, Grade 7, Falmouth Middle School

In early November over 800 artworks representing students in grades K-8  were submitted from all regions of the state to be considered for the First Lady’s upcoming new family friendly Love.Read.Learn!™ Baby Journal. A rubric was used by the First Lady Ann LePage, Becky Dyer from the Barbara Bush Foundation, and art teachers Lynne Shulman and Kathy Smith, to select the student artwork.

Students were asked to create original artwork that represented what living in Maine means to them. It was evident that students were inspired by their favorite places and activities. You can view all the artwork that was selected by clicking here. The following artists had artwork selected:

  • Abby Fitzhenry, Grade 2, Bay Ridge Elementary
  • Abigail Bennett, Grade 7, Brewer Community School
  • Amna Sheikh, Grade 4, Albert S. Hall School
  • Andrew Frost, Grade 6, Winthrop Middle School
  • Anna Patterson, Grade 1, Bay Ridge Elementary
  • Ariana Dyer, Grade 3, Fruit St. Elementary
  • Autumn Ditzel, Grade 3, Fruit St. Elementary
  • Cade King, Grade 6, Windsor Elementary School
  • Charlie Bischoff, Grade 4, Pond Cove School
  • Chloe Lawrence, Grade 5, George B. Weatherbee School
  • Devon Roma, Grade 8, Auburn Middle School
  • Emilee Morgan, Grade 8, Sanford Jr. High School
  • Emma Fitzhenny, Grade 4, Bay Ridge Elementary
  • Emma Lombardo, Grade 6, Westbrook Middle School
  • Eva Jacot-Descombes, Grade 7, RSU 78 Rangeley
  • Galen Gaze, Grade 7, Brunswick Jr. High School
  • Grace Dimick, Grade 7, Falmouth Middle School
  • Hannah Stauffer, Grade 8, Auburn Middle School
  • Holly Desjardins, Grade 6, Poland Community School
  • Ian Gervais, Grade 5, Stepping Stones Montessori School
  • Kaden Hannan, Grade 3, Fruit Street Elementary
  • Kaydence Lux, Grade 3, Fruit Street Elementary
  • Kelsea Fuller, Grade 8, Westbrook Middle School
  • Kevin Duplessie, Grade 8, Caribou Middle School
  • Kiara Lantiqua, Grade 5, CASS Elementary School
  • Macey Jordan, Grade 5, Hancock Grammar School
  • Mary-Hollie Whitmore, Grade 2, Viola Rand Bradley School
  • Moriah Hajduk, Grade 6, Winthrop Middle School
  • Olivia Boyle, Grade K, Peaks Island School
  • Owen Mann, Grade 4, Greater Portland Christian School
  • Samuel Lattin, Grade 6, Winthrop Middle School
  • Zoe Olson, Grade 5, Bucksport Middle School

The journal is to promote literacy and health to families of newborn babies in Maine and will be provided at no cost to parents of newborns. The First Lady, Ann LePage, has partnered with the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy with the Maine is ME book theme.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all the teachers who helped guide students and submitted student artwork for consideration. THANK YOU to the over 800 students who used their artistic knowledge to create the outstanding work!

Galen Gaze, Grade 7, Brunswick Jr High School

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