December 5, 2012

Harlow Gallery

While walking to my car after a meeting last Friday evening in Hallowell I was glad to see that the Harlow Gallery was open. I walked into the warm space that was alive with small artwork and the many people in attendance were buzzing with conversation. I was greeted at the door by Lisa Wheeler who kindly agreed to write a blog post on the event. The exhibit goes through December 8th. In Lisa’s words…

HarlowLast Friday night I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell at the opening of “8x10x100″, an amazing art show and sale that benefits programming at the gallery. Actually, I helped hang the show earlier in the week and got a sneak peak at literally a couple hundred pieces of 8″ x 10” artwork: drawings on paper, prints, paintings, photographs, shadow boxes, clay, wire, and mixed media pieces. Some were framed, some were mounted, all were original. I made a mental note of the pieces I wanted to buy for myself–so many to choose from–and imagined having to get them quickly before someone else did!

Back to the opening: Even before the show’s official 5 p.m. start, patrons were knocking at the Harlow’s front door. They signed up for a number and started looking at the grid of art lining the walls. As more people came in I was impressed with the time and thoughtfulness with which they viewed the work. Some were looking for just the right piece to speak to them. Some were looking for work by a specific artist. Some were just there for the company and yummy goodies. But all were there, collectively enjoying art, thinking about art, and talking about art. The excitement could be felt in the room as yellow “I want that one” stickers appeared on the wall labels under a piece, and grew even more as a red “Sold” sticker replaced it. There was even a cheerfully contested sale over the first piece sold–did it belong to the patron who had been waiting for 5 o’clock to strike, or the one who swooped in at 4:59 and went right to the piece, slapping on his yellow sticker? The gentlemen worked it out for themselves and in doing so, it worked out for the Harlow and the artist. Fifty percent of the $100 price tag goes to each. You can have that win-win-win experience, too. The 8x10x100 show is up through Saturday, December 8. This week, you will most likely be viewing the art in a quieter setting. And sorry, no goodies. But you can thoughtfully look, choose the piece or pieces that speak to you, and support the Harlow and their programming, as well as a local artist, with your purchase. You’ll own some original art, perhaps give it as a gift, and get to feel good about supporting the arts.


  1. WOW…what a cool idea!!! Love that. Thanks for sharing!!!! I hope all is well for you way up there in the north!! 🙂

  2. Hi there Mr. E!
    I was wowed by the exhibit when I walked by (in the dark) on the cold evening – the pieces invited me in! It was almost a stop action – people, lights, artwork, warmth! All is well in the northeast.

  3. HI, there is a wonderful show of artists happening this Friday down at Common Street ARts in Hallowell…would it be possible to announce it on your blog? Kim  


  4. I’d be glad to post information to share about arts education on the blog. Sounds like the information would be perfect under the blog section called “Upcoming Events”. Please email the info to argy.nestor@maine.gov.

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