MAEA Launches Recognition Program

January 7, 2013

Maine Art Education Association


Heads Above Awards Program
Recognizing Teaching Excellence in the great State of Maine

Please join us in celebrating and sharing great work and great educators.

Designed to reveal and honor excellence in MAINE art education,

Division Awards: Higher Education Student, Museum, Retired, Supervision and
Administration, Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Higher Education and The Maine Art Educator of the Year.

Please reflect on the image in the poster.

Imagine yourself the head at the top.

Who are the educator professionals supporting you?

The influences of your practice and career?
Honor them today with a request for nomination.

Thank them for helping you to be

Celebration will include honoring our most recent National Board Certified colleagues and will occur at a pre-conference event on Friday, April 5th.


MaineArtEd.org or Suzanne Goulet (sgoulet@aos92.org) for more info

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