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Funding Sources

January 14, 2013

Got any money?

imagesPeriodically I am asked for sources of funding, grants, and/or scholarships. The bottom line question is “Got any money?” If only I did, I’d love to facilitate a grant program to provide money to arts educators across the state who do amazing work with students every day. Since I don’t have any money but I do receive informative emails that tell of funding I can pass the information on to you.

This came across my email recently and is a source that I am unfamiliar with. A piece on GetEdFunding found on EDTECH Focus on K-12. GetEdFunding is a free, curated database of more than 750 active grants and awards that are available to schools and educators.

I post funding opportunities on the “Prof Dev Opps” page that you can get to from the front page of the meartsed blog, bottom right hand side. Not only are their funding opportunities but an ongoing list of professional development. Funding sources are towards the bottom of the long list of information provided for you!

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