Arts and Literacy

January 22, 2013

How well do you play with others?

DanseThe second live webinar installment of the Arts component of the Cross Discipline Literacy Network (CDLN) is this Thursday from 3pm to 4pm.

“How to play with others” is an investigation in to using strategies and frameworks so that each content area is enhanced and strengthened in the learning environment.

There are many changes and adaptions afoot in the arts world and understanding the developments available to us will help to create relationships with our non-arts education colleagues that embrace and support the unique gifts that the arts bring us.

This is an invitation to join Jen Nash, Lisa Gilman, Suzanne Goulet and specials guests, Catherine Ring and Argy Nestor in these discussions.

Please consider sharing some of your successful integrations with us!

To join the meeting:
1.    Go online to http://stateofmaine.adobeconnect.com/pk202112912/

2.    Select ‘Enter as a Guest’ and type your name in the corresponding field.

3.    To listen and speak during the meeting, you will need to be connected by telephone:

·         The meeting can call you at a phone number you provide at log-in, or

·         You can dial directly into the meeting: 1-877-455-0244, Passcode 8332185782.  (Use this second option when joining the meeting from sites where your phone can only be reached through a switchboard.)

Thank you to webinar facilitator Suzanne Goulet for the blog post and for the Danse logo!

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