Congratulations Mike Davis!

February 7, 2013

Educator Hall of Fame

On Friday night music educator Mike Davis was honored along with 5 other educators and 4 administrators when he was inducted into the Educator Hall of Fame at the Portland Pirates game sponsored by Unum.

Comments from Mike’s principal, Laura Shaw:

“Mike is an amazing educator, who is deeply committed to enriching the lives of elementary students. He is not “just a music teacher!” While he enthusiastically teaches band and music classes full-time at Sherwood Heights for 400 studenets in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth Grade, he also demonstrates how he is deeply invested in providing students with a positive learning experience in every area of the school setting.

Mike is the team leader for all elementary music teachers, facilitating monthly meetings with this group. He has worked to improve the music programs in the district, as well as improving collaboration and integration between music and all other academic areas.”

Each honoree was recognized on the ice, given a personalized jersey and a $500 check for personal use. YAY for MIKE! Arts Education in Maine is PROUD of YOU! We know this recognition is well deserved! By the looks on the faces in the photograph below it looks like the event was a lot of fun. For those of you who do not know Mike, he is the second from left, top row.


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