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Measuring Student Creativity

February 21, 2013

Topic of New Report

Can student creativity be assessed in a meaningful way? Should it even be evaluated? And if so, how? These are some of the questions explored in a new working paper published by the global Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Erik Robelen in his February 1, 2013 Curriculum Matters blog post sites the paper called Progression in Student Creativity in School: First Steps Towards New Forms of Formative Assessments and some of the highlights including:

In the new paper, the researchers put forward a definition for creativity focused on five “core dispositions.” Field -tested their work in a dozen schools. A creative mind, they say, is:

• Inquisitive
(wondering and questioning, exploring and investigating, challenging assumptions)

• Persistent
(sticking with difficulty, daring to be different, tolerating uncertainty)

• Imaginative
(playing with possibilities, making connections, using intuition)

• Collaborative
(sharing the product, giving and receiving feedback, cooperating appropriately)

• Disciplined
(developing techniques, reflecting critically, crafting and improving)

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