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To Blog or Snowshoe?

February 25, 2013

Early morning and late at night

snowshoeSo, I admit that I didn’t write a blog post this morning at 5AM like I often do because I chose to go for an early morning snowshoe. And, WOW! was it beautiful to be snow shoeing in the first light of day on the trail that we broke yesterday on the latest 12 inches of snow.

As my workday got underway the blog post was put aside and the end of day was here before I knew it. Instead of writing the blog post the full moon was calling my name. Off we went again for a walk on the snow under the brightest moon. I hope you had a chance to appreciate the snow and moon today if only for a few minutes!

Since this blog is focused on arts education you might be wondering what and how this post connects. I believe if we don’t take the time to participate in what we love and if we don’t take care of ourselves we will be less productive and effective. As I scurried back to work this morning after my early morning snowshoe I found a link to this article in my inbox. It has helped put today, and seizing the moment into perspective for me. Perhaps it will for you as well.




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