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Back From Texas

March 11, 2013

National Art Education Association


Yes, that is hats

The trip to the National Art Education Association conference in Texas was a fabulous opportunity to join 5000 art educators in Fort Worth, Texas. I was surprised about Fort Worth, population about 750,000. The streets are wide, it was easy walking from downtown to the conference center, and the people are friendly. And, yes the temperature did get to 70 degrees one day.

It was a little touch and go leaving Maine in questionable weather. Our flying plan was to go to Fort Worth via LaGuardia which was changed. We left Portland 2 hours late and went through Detroit and landed in Texas an hour earlier. Go figure!

It was great to see the Maine art teachers in Texas and have a chance to get together with all of them in between sessions.

IMG_2755One of the highlights of the conference was attending a session with Jay McTighe whose work along with Grant Wiggins, Understanding by Design has been used as the basis for the National Core Arts Standards work. Jay went over the components of the Framework that provides a clearer picture of the work that is underway.

I also attended a session with Lois Hetland the author of Studio Thinking. During the conference the latest edition of the book was released.

It was great having the opportunity to share the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative  with Catherine Ring and Bronwyn Sale during a session at the conference.

If you’ve attended a large conference you know what it is like to go through the exhibition hall and have the opportunity to speak to the 100’s of vendors and learn about their products and programs. I met Jessica Balsley from The Art of Education. If you aren’t familiar with AOE I recommend you go to the site.

And, as you can see here we also had a lot of fun at the conference, even getting to a genuine rodeo!





Careers in Art

March 11, 2013

Fastest growing careers

This site contains some interesting information on Careers in Art and Design.We know that we live in a fast pace world but have you stopped to think recently of how much our world is shaped by the visual image – still and moving?

The 10 fastest growing jobs in Art and Design are:

  • Animator
  • Architect
  • Art Director
  • Film and Video Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Industrial or Product Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Mobile Designer
  • Video Game Designer
  • Web Designer

You can read about each of the above and much more by going to the site.

Thanks to Jay Collier for sharing the information.

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