Thank you Jeff Beaudry

March 29, 2013

YAY for Jeff

Today, March 28, 2013, the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI) recognizes Dr. Jeffrey Beaudry for his contributions to arts education in Maine. At the Mega-regional workshop held at Ellsworth High School, Jeff was presented with the Carol Trimble Award for Exemplary Service to Arts Education for his commitment, collaborative spirit, and contributions to the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative. During the last two years Jeff has served on the Leadership Team of the MAAI providing guidance and a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The MAAI has benefited from Jeff’s background in assessment and teaching at the University of Southern Maine coupled with his passion for the arts. Jeff did not hesitate when asked to serve and his contributions are greatly appreciated. He has helped track the feedback which provides data to support the work of the 38 teacher leaders and 5 leadership team members.

Carol Trimble was the Executive Director of the Maine Alliance for Arts Education for 10 years before retiring in December 2011. She worked tirelessly and had an enormous positive impact on arts education in Maine. Two Carol Trimble awards have been presented in the past. In 2011 to Catherine Ring and Rob Westerberg.

Jeff was thanked before an audience of 80 arts educators and received a plaque and a golden apple! The MAAI looks forward to many more years of collaborating with Jeff!


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