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April 5, 2013

Cat guest of honor at art show

You just gotta read this to believe it from today’s Bangor Daily News:


Spirit of Washington DC Award

April 5, 2013

Waterville High School Musicians spend 5 days in DC

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 10.15.11 PMI received an email from Waterville music teacher Sue Barre who shared a message that she (and colleague Ciara Hargrove) sent to the parents of the Waterville High School music students as they were heading home on a bus from Washington DC. With her permission I am reprinting it and suggest you read the article that was posted on the Waterville High School web page at

CONGRATULATIONS to the 77 music students representing Waterville High School!

At 10 AM we are headed north the buses are fairly quiet with very tired children (and adults!).  Tired but full of stories and memories to share.

It was inspiring to sit at the music festival’s banquet last night with students from 40 schools, 1200 people in total representing eleven states.  

Trip highlights
At Arlington National Cementary as the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier was underway an Air Force General being laid to rest was honored by a fly by overhead where one plane pulls away from the formation in tribute, it was breath taking.

We saw the Korean War Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial and visited the Lincoln Memorial and took a picture on the steps with everyone.

Some of us went on a tour of the Capital, others the Holocaust Museum and we all saw the Smithsonian Museums, we drove by the White House and the Supreme Court and so much more….

The students have been on time and on task (we did have one room of freshman boys oversleep one morning…not sure they will ever live that down :-)!    

Musical Highlights
All three ensembles performed to their fullest potential earning 3 excellent ratings, silver awards.

Spirit of DC Award
One school at the festival, of the forty, is recognized for outstanding behaviors such as being cooperative, polite, receptive and helpful, responsible and respectful.  A “sportsmanship award” for lack of a better term. Waterville Senior High was recognized with that award last night. This means as much ( if not more) as the music awards.  We are very proud to call these students our own.  Thank you for sharing them.

Please have patience with your children if they are grumpy over the next few days due to fatigue.  Know they helped us earn that Spirit of DC award, they were and are awesome.

Thank you Sue for sharing this information with the meartsed blog readers!

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