Honoring Sandy Brennan

April 14, 2013

2014 Maine Art Educator of the Year


Argy introducing Sandy

At a ceremony held recently at the University of Maine Museum of Art Sandy Brennan was honored for her years of dedication as an art teacher and advocate for arts education. Sandy was named the 2014 Maine Art Educator of the Year. Sandy was nominated by Manon Lewis and included the following in Sandy’s nomination:

Sandy Brennan has been conducting business as the Maine Art Education Association’s President or Co-President for some 10 years, donating hours upon hours of her time to our professional organization. I feel that it is high time that she receives praise and recognition for her professionalism and her dogged dedication to the Maine Art Education Association.


Sandy is congratulated by MAEAs Awards program chair Suzanne Goulet

Sandy is a lifelong learner who is presently enhancing her (35 plus) years of teaching art with work towards a master’s degree from, Lesley University, in the integration of the arts (visual art, poetry, dance/movement, drama, music, technology, and storytelling). She takes these courses with a group of teachers from many disciplines and grade levels. Among her classmates is the music teacher from Well’s Elementary School. As teaching colleagues, they have already collaborated in a multitude of art and music lessons with their students, making bridges between their own disciplines and among various other disciplines school-wide. The collaboration that they engage in is what good education is all about, making learning mean- ingful through connections.

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