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MAAI Planning Phase 3

April 15, 2013

Give me your thoughts


Lisa Marin and Chris Milliken presenting “data” from Chris’ graduate research that he collaborated with Lisa on finding.

The Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI) has been underway for almost two years. During that time hundreds of Maine arts educators have responded to the invitation to join the journey and participate professional development opportunities throughout Maine. These opportunities have been numerous and provided through various modes and locations.

Opportunities include(d):

  • Webinars were available during phase 1 and are still available through archives located at The archives have meeting plans so you can use them at teacher meetings or individually.
  • The state conference on arts assessment was held at USM during October 2011 where over 200 teachers attended.
  • Regional workshops were provided by arts teacher leaders during phase 1 and 2 all over the state.
  • Mega-regional workshops were held during phase 2 at UMF, USM, Easton Schools, and Ellsworth High School with 240 registered for the 4 events.


  • Videos are being created in 4 classrooms that will provide a picture of a standards based arts classroom/school. They will be made available at their completion in June.
  • The Depository work is ongoing and located at Next week arts educators will be coming together to look at “quality in arts education” to help continue with this work. The Depository will be filled with samples of arts education lessons, units, assessment tools, and other resources.
Teacher Leaders Andria Chase and Sarah Williams take a closer look at workshop info with Leadership team member Jeff Beaudry

Teacher Leaders Andria Chase and Sarah Williams take a closer look at workshop info with Leadership team member Jeff Beaudry

The teacher leaders, your colleagues – 38 of them, have stepped up and taken on responsibilities of expanding their thinking and providing leadership by creating the workshops. They have contributed in so many positive ways and provided feedback to help determine the steps of the MAAI.

The MAAI is truly a grassroots effort with arts educators leading the way. As we come to the close of phase 2 it is time to look ahead and determine the components of phase 3. If you attended a workshop or another gathering we have your specific feedback from the event that has helped inform the work. At this time if you have ideas or feedback that you’d like to share on what you’d like to see included in Maine Arts Assessment Initiative PLEASE email me at and share your thoughts and ideas. The leadership team is meeting on Thursday, April 18 so please don’t delay with your comments!

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