Honoring Susan Beaulier

April 18, 2013

Maine Middle Level Art Educator of the Year

At a ceremony held recently at the University of Maine Museum of Art Susan Beaulier was honored for her years of dedication and received the Middle Level Art Educator of the Year award presented by the Maine Art Education Association. Susan was nominated by colleague Beth Ann Walker and included the following in Susan’s nomination:

Susan being introduced by her son, Jason

Susan being introduced by her son, Jordan

For the past 23 years, Susan Beaulier has taught in the same school district she graduated from in 1981. Susan is the Visual Arts teacher in MSAD #32, serving the 330 students in Grades PreK-12. Additionally, she is the Coordinator of Gifted/Talented Education for her district. Susan is a Phase II Teacher Leader for the Maine Art Assessment Initiative, and will soon begin work on the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards First Tier Review. Susan lives in Ashland with her husband John and son Jordan.

IMG_0132“Sue not only loves teaching students, but is also generous with her knowledge in teaching educators. She is practiced in many mediums and munificently shares any and all of her personal materials to enhance and achieve the lesson she is sharing. She inspired may early creative endeavors and creativity, but has imparted innovation into many of the lessons I initiated with my students as I moved from the elementary classroom to the art classroom six years ago. She is an invaluable resource that provides support in many ways.”

Sue is a consummate creator of beautiful things from any medium she touches…She is a key player in the development of our local art educators’ group – Northern pARTners and is sharing her knowledge of quality assessment in art education.
Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 1.39.50 PM

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  1. YEAH!!!!! Congrats Susan, that is awesome! 🙂 We will celebrate this summer!

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