Honoring Stephanie Leonard

April 24, 2013

Outstanding Service to the Profession

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Kal introducing Stephanie to the guests

At a ceremony held recently at the University of Maine Museum of Art Stephanie Leonard was honored for her years of dedication and received the Outstanding Service to the Profession award and was presented by the Maine Art Education Association. Stephanie was nominated by Kal Elmore and included the following in Stephanie’s nomination:

“…. Stephanie has always understood the need to reach out to students, parents, classroom teachers, art teachers, and community members to help support arts education. She is always there with an idea, a push in the right direction, and that special little ‘je ne sais quoi’ when you need it. Do you need a marker? She has it? A theme idea? She has it. A poster of the president? She has it.

fran with mona steph

Colleague and friend Fran Clukey holds “mona steph”

…she is an amazing collector of all things Mona! Appropriation is her middle name.
…Stephanie is an inspiring art educator. She has spent 14 years in the classroom and is always advocating for programs and kids. No matter where she is she finds ideas for art projects. She is constantly finding ideas for themes, materials for projects, and suggestions for ways to promote art.

Stephanie has experience in instruction at all educational levels, educational leadership, teacher supervision and development of curriculum. She is also the administrator of a family foundation with experience in community relations, philanthropy, and board management
Stephanie is a friend, ally, tireless advocate and enthusiastic supporter of the visual arts. “


Stephanie with sister-in-law and Brewer High School art teacher Lori Spruce

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  1. proud to know all of YOU Kal Steph Farn and Lori .

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