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May 2, 2013

Articles on STEM STEAM

  • Fletcher Kittredge, chief executive of Internet and telephone company GWI of Biddeford said workers need a foundation in creative thinking more than they need training in technology that may quickly become obsolete.”Start out with an art degree. Being able to be creative, to interact with people, is more likely to be important for someone’s career,” Kittredge told the Joint Select Committee on Maine’s Workforce and Economic Future. “A lot of what we think of as STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) — that’s out of date. It’s like teaching someone to use a slide rule.” Read the entire article from the Maine Sunday Telegram, August 28 written by Jessica Hall.
  • Read about Biddeford artist Ann Thompson and the work she is doing putting together STEM and Art. You can read about her work in this article from the Sun Journal, Marcy 31 written by Scott Taylor by clicking here.
  • Why STEM should be integrated into literacy, storytelling
    While teachers in the humanities often are encouraged to integrate science, technology, engineering and math topics in classroom instruction, integration must be a two-way street, write Jonathan Olsen and Sarah Gross, teachers at High Technology High School in Lincroft, N.J. In this blog post, they write about the potential benefits of connecting more STEM lessons to storytelling, artwork and literacy, a change that potentially could draw more students, including girls, to the STEM field. Read the entire article Scientist blog, April 16 by clicking here.
  • Art + Science = Opportunity. On the National Endowment for the Arts blog there was a post on January 17 that provides several examples where artists, scientists, and community come together. The post written by by Bill O’Brien, NEA Senior Adviser for Program Innovation, includes background information, links to a report that was created from National Science Foundation funding that convened 125 artists for a summit entitled Art as a Way of Knowing. Check out the blog post by clicking here.
  • The Art and Craft of Science. Ed Leadership, a publication of ASCD included this article in their February 2013 edition written by Robert Root-Bernstein and Michele Root-Bernstein. This article supports what Fletcher Kittredge says in the first article above but goes beyond to discuss those who have been recognized for their contributions including Einstein. To read the entire article please click here.
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