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Everyone Deserves a Break

June 16, 2013

Schooner trip

DSCN3759I understood when I left last Sunday for a vacation that I’d return to hundreds of emails. Sure enough, I did! The good part was that I had to turn in my Blackberry before I left since it was acting funny and needed to be replaced. And, I went to a place that I knew I couldn’t get online so I left my computer home. I know, some of you are thinking why would anyone take their Blackberry and computer with them on vacation?! Good question! I usually take them with me because it lessens the load if I answer emails as I go. However, I must say that since I didn’t take the technology tools with me it felt like a REAL vacation, for the second time in the almost 7 years that I’ve worked at the Maine Department of Education.

For Christmas my husband surprised me with a schooner trip on the Isaac H. Evans out of Rockland. The trip was ABSOLUTELY GREAT! The captain and owner of the boat is Brenda Hathaway, a former student of mine, from many years ago. The boat holds about 25 people, including clients and crew. We had almost two days of good weather and two days of pouring rain but the rain didn’t dampen our spirits at all! The first night included a beautiful sunset, the temperature was mild throughout, even on the damp days. Everyone on board was interesting, very nice and fun to hang out with. They traveled from many places including Australia, Florida, England via Virginia, Maryland, Vermont, and Maine. We talked about education, politics, wildlife, weather, family, and a variety of other topics.

DSCN3820We sailed to Holbrook Island for a lobster bake on the beach, to Searsport and visited the Penobscot Marine Museum, to Rockport Harbor and back to Rockland. For years we’ve walked the Breakwater at the Samoset and waved to folks as they sailed by. It was so exciting to be on a schooner waving to the people who had walked to the Breakwater lighthouse. And, so interesting to be on the water looking at the shore along a small part of the mid-coast that I know so well from land. It was like a whole new world viewing it from the water. I could have been a thousand miles from home.

We had multiple opportunities (if we chose) to help out on the boat, raise and lower the sails, raise the anchor, set out the food, and clean up from meals. At one point we were sailing like I’ve seen in the pictures, with one side of the boat all but touching the water, the water coming over the bow. The food was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS, every single meal! The cook, Margi, from Waterville, not only made great food, but is a very funny person!

DSCN3764Needless to say I highly recommend a schooner trip, everyone should consider doing it at least once. It was on my “bucket list” and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity! It was a great chance to learn about something that has so much history. Several times I thought about how easily I could apply what I was learning in the classroom with students. A schooner trip allows for relaxation with some excitement. You can go in your cabin and be alone if you choose or hang out and talk with others. You can help sail the boat or watch others working. There are numerous opportunities to take great photos (I took almost 500), make art and music, and appreciate both. The best part was the quietness of sailing. That surprised me – a little wind, moving along slowly and total PEACE!

I loved teaching and there are days that I miss it. But, when the end of the school year came for me during my 30 years teaching I found myself completely exhausted and would spend the first week staring and sleeping. Everyone deserves a break and I hope that each of you can take some time and enjoy life as much as I did this past week! You can view more photos from my trip by clicking here.








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