Maine License Plate

July 1, 2013

The State of the Arts

Maine resident and artist Robert Indiana’s LOVE artwork was selected to be on the Maine arts license plate. You can participate and show your support for the Arts by pre-ordering your “State of the Arts” license plate today!

The Maine Arts Commission (MAC) and Maine Crafts Association (MCA) seek pre-payments to offer a new specialty license plate supporting the arts in Maine.

The specialty plate will serve as a fundraiser for the MCA and will have a direct positive impact on the arts in Maine through the organization’s marketing, business and outreach programming. The Maine Arts Commission will receive a portion of the funds to put toward their statewide arts initiatives.

The MCA seeks 2,000 Mainers, with cars registered in their name, to pre-pay $29 for the specialty plate. Upon reaching that goal the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will release the plate to the 2,000 pre-paid registrants and make the plate available for purchase at all Maine BMV’s.  Please visit www.mainecrafts.org/programs/license-plate to sign-up and pre-pay for your plate.

A seminal figure in the Pop Art movement, Robert Indiana designed the iconic LOVE image, featuring stacked letters and a tilted “O” as a Christmas card for the Museum of Modern Art in 1964. A three dimensional version (sculpture) in COR-TEN steel followed, and received international attention when it was installed in New York City’s Central Park in 1969. The image epitomized the ideals of the 1960s so-called “Love Generation.” The artist never copyrighted his LOVE image, which has become one of the most reproduced and recognizable images in modern history. It was put on an eight-cent stamp by the US Postal Service in 1973, the first of their regular series of LOVE stamps, and holds the record as the best-selling stamp in USPS history (320 million).

To learn more and to order your plate please click here.

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