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Jellybeans and Celebrating Life

July 5, 2013

Making memories

I have many memories of special days – July 4th’s, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and some only special to me or my family – wedding day, children’s births, my first day of teaching, walking through Zion National Park, Greek Easter in my Dad’s village with my parents, meeting Bill Clinton, leaving on a cross country trip for 3 months with my family, turning 50. I could go on and on, but I won’t. When I think of these events I am instantly there with my senses charged. In Akrata, Greece on Easter I can smell the lamb as it spun around cooking over the smallest pile of charcoal, feel the hand of my Dad dancing in line next to me, hear my mother talking in Greek to my relatives, see the Aegean Sea in the distance, taste the galatoboureko and know I was fortunate to have the opportunity. I can’t help but smile.

Each day we make memories, some become more important than others, some brought on with special occasions, some are a surprise. Some as simple as taking the time to go for a kayak paddle with friends on a beautiful day. Sometimes, without knowing, we are making memories for others that are monumental, like hanging an art exhibit of a student’s work that will thrill (and make them proud) parents, and force a young person to put on nice clothes for photos that just might turn into important memories in the future.

As educators you turn to summer for a break from the hard work of educating kids. Yet, the work of educating ourselves never stops. It is a time to reflect on what we do and how we do it. Whether you do that while taking a trip, scanning the internet, taking a course, or in some other fashion, it happens. We know that learning in a collaborative environment has the potential to jump start learning as it is sparked by another person’s idea or with feedback from another person on your idea(s). I urge you to ask questions and rely on and connect with other educators this summer. I know that some of your professional development will impact your learning and your students and most likely your learning will cause you to pause.

As I wondered what to write for today’s post a dear friend and colleague sent me a link that caused me to pause, and question the moments, hours, days, weeks, months, and years that go by faster and faster. I think about how I spend my time in my formal work and how I spend my time playing.

I think this is the perfect video for today, a day to do what I want, a day that will be joyful with lots of smiles and laughter. I hope your day is filled with fun and making memories. Please take 2 minutes and 45 seconds to watch A Lifetime of Jellybeans – 28,835 jellybeans. I promise it will be worth the time. Click here for the video

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