A New Day

September 10, 2013

First day at MAC

I searched to find a “New Beginning” poem to use in today’s blog post but I couldn’t locate one that I cared for enough to use. I searched for “Back to School” poems and had a little better luck. I did find one that I am including in this post. It is back to school for you and a new beginning for me at the Maine Arts Commission as the Director of Arts Education. Good luck to all of you as you launch into the school year!


On my back a pack I carry
In it, all my treasures.
It’s what I need
So I can be
One class higher!

Crayons, ruler, scissors too,
And yes a little Elmer’s glue
Paper, pencils, in my bag…
Wonder what made mom so sad?

Trapper keeper, nice and neat
Will it really stay this clean?

On my back a pack I carry
In it, all my treasures!

Today I’ll be
Just watch and see
One class higher!

Shelley Plum

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