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Google Garage

October 16, 2013

Googlers in Action

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 5.24.22 PMGoogle has created a “garage”. The garage brings different people together and provides a space to learn, create, and make. They asked the question: How can we at Google bring together hackers, makers, planners and all facets of the company (legal, designers, engineers, sales, etc.) in a design space? The space is used by a variety of Googlers and brings people together from across the company.  All kinds of tools are in the garage to encourage all the company workers to think creativity.

Accidentally, the space was crammed with people, elbow to elbow, and it made it so Googlers had to collaborate. The space makes time for people to work on ideas.

They know that the environment influences human behavior so they’ve created a space with all kinds of tools and have created the exact environment to achieve greatness.

Check out the video on Fast Company that provides more info on the Garage by clicking here

Who wouldn’t want to work at Google knowing that you’d be encouraged to collaborate?! Imagine!

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