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Connections to Music Training

October 17, 2013


There are studies linking music to academic achievement but in this New York Times article written by Joanne Lipman called Is Music the Key to Success? published October 12, 2013, she makes the case for the correlation between serious music training and and success in other fields. We talk about how the arts prepare students with 21st century skills; collaboration, problem solving, the ability to listen and focus. Lipman claims that it is a way of thinking and these similarities are found in people like Alan Greespan who trainined as a professional clarinet and saxophone player and billionaire Bruce Kovner and Condoleezza Rice who served as the Secretary of State.

The article includes statements supporting the power of music training by multiple successful individuals. A quote by NBC chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd (French horn) who attended college on music scholarships:

Mr. Todd says there is a connection between years of practice and competition and what he calls the “drive for perfection.” The veteran advertising executive Steve Hayden credits his background as a cellist for his most famous work, the Apple “1984” commercial depicting rebellion against a dictator. “I was thinking of Stravinsky when I came up with that idea,” he says. He adds that his cello performance background helps him work collaboratively: “Ensemble playing trains you, quite literally, to play well with others, to know when to solo and when to follow.”

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