Ring and Beaudry Present at MPA Conference

November 26, 2013

Take Me To Your Leader: School and Community Leaders – YOU CAN support Arts Education in the 21st Century!

Last week Catherine Ring and Jeff Beaudry, leadership team members of the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI), presented a workshop as part of the MAAI Regional workshops called Take Me To Your Leader: School and Community Leaders – YOU CAN support Arts Education in the 21st Century! at the Maine Principals Association conference at the Holiday Inn in Portland.

They provided a ton of resources that are available on a wiki at http://takemetoyourleader.pbworks.com/w/page/68157466/School%20Leaders%20-%20Presentation%20on%20Arts%20Education. The workshop provided information on the Common Core and the Arts, research on the impact of arts education on test scores, the Arts and 21st century skills, tools for advocacy, and many other useful pieces of information.

The workshop description and information is below. Thanks to Catherine and Jeff for reaching out to help administrators expand their knowledge on Arts education and provide them with tools to communicate with others about how quality arts education is essential for every student!

Find out why supporting a strong arts education program in your school is absolutely essential, and how you can do it as we prepare for the future. This workshop will highlight:

  • The Role of the Arts in Learning – supported by the research
  • How Maine Arts Educators are Leading the Way
  • Update on Current Arts Education Data in Maine
  • Arts Connections to the Common Core State Standards
  • Examples of Arts-Infused Schools
  • Strategies you can use to strengthen your school’s emphasis on the Arts

PK-12 School Administrators

Jeff Beaudry Associate Professor, Educational Leadership, USM

Catherine Ring Executive Director, New England Institute for Teacher Education

To learn more about the Regional workshops please click here.

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