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December 5, 2013

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Maine Art Education Association – Logo Design Challenge

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 6.28.46 AMWant to help promote visual arts education to be recognized at conferences and other public events? Please help by designing a new logo! This challenge is open to students and adults.
The first round of submissions should be sent by 1/8/2014. We may offer future submission dates until a design that resonates with the board is presented.

The image must be bold and easy to reproduce
. Submission format: RAW or jpeg with 300dpi resolution will be accepted. The design must include the word ME or Maine. 
Please avoid cliche symbols of Maine (e.g., a lobster holding multiple paint brushes.)

To see what other art education associations are using for logos, go to:

All designs will be reviewed by Maine Art Education Association board members (rubric below). The selected logo will be featured in future correspondence and be used to represent the organization. The designer of our selected logo will have a nice addition to his or her resume and will enjoy a $100.00 gift card on behalf of MAEA.

All submissions should be directed to: Please include your name, email, and school(s) you work at or attend.

A signed media release form must accompany your submission.  Email for a copy of the release form and send a hard copy of the media release form to MAEA, PO Box 10463, Portland, ME 04104.

MAEA logo rubric jpeg

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