The Power of the Theatre

December 7, 2013

Theatre information

Below are the beginnings of very interesting articles on theatre education. So many good examples of how theatre education is empowering and providing meaningful arts education opportunities. The articles are located in the TYA News most recent postings. To learn more please go to the site at http://www.assitej-usa.org/.

Using Drama to Embody Social Skills – It’s all about empowering students. Taken from TYA/USA Next blog: Barrett Scroggs writes, “I am currently pursuing my MA in Drama Therapy at Kansas State University. According to the website for the North American Drama Therapy Association, Drama Therapy is defined as ‘the intentional use of drama and/or theater processes to achieve therapeutic goals.’ The biggest strength of Drama Therapy is the use of embodiment.” And the link is http://nextusa.wordpress.com/2013/11/18/using-drama-to-embody-social-skills/.

Youth Theater Tackles Complex Subject by Alyssa Harvey for the Daily News about how in a youth theater in Kenntucky students are facing difficult subjects through the use of theater. Click here for the entire article.

Amidst drugs and violence, art turns lives around in P.R. housing project written by Kristina Puga for NBCLatino. This is the story of how one young man who seemed destined to end up like his father or mother in a violent world of drugs found the arts as his ticket out. Antonio Morales was 15 at the time. Now 31, he found success in multiple ways through the theater. To read the entire article please click here http://nbclatino.com/2013/11/11/amidst-drugs-and-violence-art-turns-lives-around-in-p-r-housing-project/.

The Hoboken Children’s Theatre Company is bringing Stephen King- adapted Carrie the Musical to life. Broadway star Lisa Capp shares the stage with young people from the community. Read more at http://www.nj.com/jjournal-news/index.ssf/2013/11/carrie_takes_kids_theatre_comp.html


  1. Thanks, Argy! The Arts win again 😉

    Iris D. Fields, IBO FIELDS/VENTURES P.O. Box 426 Brunswick, ME 04011

    Tel: (207)729-8049 *www.mmpforyou.com/iris *

    “Forget all the reasons why it won’t work, and focus on the reason why it will!”

  2. It is great to hear about outstanding work going on in the arts and know how much young people benefit, isn’t it?

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