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Troy Howard Middle School Does Australia

December 15, 2013

Aboriginal studies

troy howard4Troy Howard Middle School students were busy with the theme “Australia and her people and Art”. After studying art forms of the Aboriginal people, some students painted paintings using dots, animals, water, and sense of spirit. Some students learned the history of the boomerang and made details papier mache ones. Other students make small pots whose lids were decorated with an Australian animal.

Several students collaborated to create a life-sized sea turtle, alligator, and manatee.  Two students listened to the music of Didjerdoo and created a four foot one. Australian bird in a cage and a half elephant and half koala bear rounded out the student creations.

The life-sized work is hanging precariously from the ceiling near the cafeteria. Paintings and sculptures are on display throughout the school. You are invited to see this delightful show in Belfast at the Troy Howard Middle School.

Thanks to art teacher Lynnette Sproch for sending this information.

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