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Technology Remaking Arts Ed

December 31, 2013

National Guild For Community Arts Education

Here is a video called Catching Up to Kids: How Technology is Remaking Arts Education. It was created by Don Marinelli who is the Co-Founder of Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University.

The description:
Do you often find yourself wondering how technology is transforming how students learn about, create, and share art? How it may alter longstanding traditions of teaching and learning? How it may transform established business models? You’re not alone. So we asked Don Marinelli, co-founder of the world-renowned Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) and a former professor of drama and arts management at Carnegie Mellon University, to share his thoughts and experiences from the frontier of arts and technology integration. ETC brings artists and technologists together to work on substantive, real-world projects combining the latest digital media technologies with myriad artistic, educational, and entertainment efforts. Learn how technology is changing student learning and educational paradigms—and how you can harness its potential.

Click here for the video and see how it fits into your understanding, beliefs, and practices of arts education.

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