Another Student’s Story: Sarah Robinson

February 5, 2014

Gorham High School graduate

Sarah-1Sarah Robinson is currently a fourth year student at the University of Maine. She is a double major in Mass Communications and New Media, with a minor in Graphic Design. In 2010 she graduated from Gorham High School.  During high school she was especially interested in her media based art classes; these classes included photography, printmaking, and graphic design. While in college she has taken many art classes that were directed towards design, for example: 2-D design and graphic design courses. She has also taken a drawing class, along with many photography classes.

In Sarah’s own words…

I would have to say that my parents have always encouraged my sister and I to be expressive and creative with everything that we do. This support has encouraged me to incorporate the arts as part of my college education. My creative appreciation and talents have grown and I taken away a greater knowledge and emphasis on design and color relationships. As a New Media major, there are many different paths to explore, and I have always focused on the design aspect.

I have gained many skills and life-long tools from my art courses at UMaine. I have learned to become more innovative, to explore beauty that goes unnoticed and to lead with passion.

My involvement in the arts has inspired me to look at things through a different lens. I have learned to be more imaginative and creative. Though I love photography, my experiences with the arts has also taught me that sometimes you need to take a step back from being behind the camera and actually experience what is going on in front of you to capture the beauty of the moment.

If I could change any part of my art education, it would definitely be to take more art classes, I was always worried about fulfilling all of my core classes that I never took all of the art classes that I knew I would enjoy. I believe that it is important to pursue classes that allow us to explore our interests and passions. I also feel that we don’t just learn in the classroom and it is important to seek education and experiences outside the classroom.

My most creatively inspiring experience would be expressing myself through graphic design. Graphic design has allowed me to express myself both creatively and artistically. I have been able to incorporate both my computer and artistic skills into my school and personal projects. Graphic design has allowed me to study color psychology and typography.

Art is important to me because it is in any medium/media in which I choose to express myself. My parents have always encouraged me to express myself creatively and to do so is a natural part of my life. One thing that I love about art and being creative is that I have used art and graphic design to contribute to non-profit organizations that I am involved with at UMaine.  My job as the Student Media Assistant for UMaine Student Life allows me to use my creativity, designing posters and fliers for various organizations, as well as photographing events and scenery around campus. I also create a lot of material for Alternative Breaks and Colleges Against Cancer, which combines my passion for volunteerism and design into one. Art and design is a part of me, the way I think, dream and live.  

I met Sarah in October at the statewide arts education conference Leading the Way that was held on the UMaine campus. When I learned of her majors I asked her questions about communicating and social media in terms of arts education. I could tell by Sarah’s confidence in the work she was doing and the information that she provided that she has a bright future! Best wishes to Sarah in her last semester before graduation!

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