Regional MAAI Workshop

February 26, 2014

Tonight at Waterville High School


Lisa Ingraham

The regional Maine Arts Assessment Workshop and Potluck at Waterville HS on Feb 26th (4-7pm…….3-4pm open advocacy lab and 7-8pm open advocacy lab) is open to all educators and administrators.

There is no cost (please bring a dish or snack to share).  Come early….leave early…come late…..stay late!

Please know that all educators and administrators are invited and discussions regarding local resources and galleries for valuable opportunities will also be presented.

Our schedule:
Guerrilla Advocacy Open Lab (S Goulet)          3:00 – 4:00

Lisa Ingraham and Gloria Hewett Presentations – 4:00 – 5:10

  • Lisa – Stick Figures and Finger Painting – Dispelling Myths about Elementary Art programs
  • Gloria – Working Backwards from a Great Art Lesson to Standards and Assessments

Break/Intro/Discussion/Sharing/Potluck          5:10 – 5:50

  • Lisa Wheeler – Common Street Arts Gallery
  • Nancy Baron – Harlow Gallery
  • Student teacher mentor opportunity

Pam Ouellette (to entire group)                 5:50 – 7:00

  • Literacy – Gateway to Creativity
  • Guerrilla Advocacy Open Lab (S Goulet)          7:00 – 8:00

Gloria Hewett

This workshop is your local outreach component of the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative.

An exploration of each workshop can be found at (scroll down to Feb 26th date):

Contact hours available.

For more information and to RSVP…please contact any of the presenters or

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