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So Long Bonnie and THANKS!

April 27, 2014

Fortunately for us!

During the past 4 months I had the good fortune of having Bonnie spend hours and hours working at the Maine Arts Commission as part of her required internship for a graduation requirement from the University of Maine, Augusta. Bonnie is an art major and in less than a month she will be graduating and headed to graduate school in California. She was absolutely fabulous to work with and attacked each task with gusto and confidence. There wasn’t anything Bonnie wouldn’t take on and hopefully she is walking away with new skills to add to her bag of tricks. I asked her to write a blog post as part of her internship and she gladly stepped up to do so. Bonnie was an enormous help with so many arts education tasks – I believe I benefited more from the experience, than she did. I know you’ll join me in giving a great big THANK YOU to Bonnie!!

My Time at the Maine Arts Commission

By Bonnie Lee

Boy, oh boy, working at the Maine Arts Commission was a whirlwind of paperwork and important people. Specifically the Arts Education department. I believe Argy Nestor organizes and works in her sleep because of the tremendous amount of work she does in such a short time. Not only does she juggle so many programs without dropping them, she is actually good at what she does.

I have much respect for the Education work that the Maine Arts Commission does. They provide bus funding for school children to visit Maine arts venues, educate teachers on how to better their assessment practices and creativity in the classroom (which is so important for the teachers) and they organized a huge competition, Poetry Out Loud. This competition allows students to integrate poetry, performance and recitation into a chance for a college scholarship.

The workshops provided by the MAC on Arts Education help the teachers of PreK-12 arts classes tremendously by giving them networking possibilities and helps them reinvent their class assessments to compete with today’s new graduation processes and available technology.

The entire experience was exciting and educational for me because I witnessed the inner gears of the Maine Art Commission and what hard work goes in to all of these programs and projects that are offered to the residents of our great state.

I am grateful that there are people in Augusta hard at work to better the lives of our children and us!



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