Movement in Education

May 16, 2014

Studying the brain to learn about the impact of dance

In the April 29 edition of the TERP out of the University of Maryland there is an article entitled How Dancers Think When They Dance by David Kohn with photographs by Toni Gauthier. Researchers are looking at the brain to analyze them while they are dancing. You can imagine this alone is a difficult task – to secure sensors to a dancers brain so it doesn’t interfere with the movements they need to make.

Karen Bradley, who is an associate professor in the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies, has teamed up with neuroscientist from the University of Houston, Jose Contreras-Vidal. Contreras-Vidal was a professor of kinesiology. The study looked closely at 5 experienced dancers study and is featured in the April issue of the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

“The researchers found that dancers use multiple parts of the brain simultaneously, including those involved in higher-order decision-making, as well as parts that play a role in controlling and planning movement. “This gives us a fantastic glimpse into how dancers think when they express themselves,” says Bradley.”

You can read the entire article and learn more at http://terp.umd.edu/new-study-unravels-how-dancers-think-when-they-dance/#.U2JPJigwJFL.

Thanks to Nancy Salmon for sending the information about this article.



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