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A Gem in Bangor!

June 14, 2014

University of Maine Museum of Art

We are fortunate in the state of Maine to have several wonderful art museums within a short drive of all corners of the state. I did graduate work at the University and I am really proud of the University of Maine Museum of Art and what it has to offer for education programs.

Recently the UMaine Today published an article on the museum that is worth a read. It provides an overview of the next year along with some of the museums history. For example, I didn’t know that the university’s art collection was established in 1946 by founding museum director and UMaine art professor Vincent Hartgen and in the 80’s became a museum.

Today the museum is directed by George Kinghorn and he works closely with a very small staff to provide top notch education programs under the guidance of Eva Wagner who serves as the Education Coordinator. The staff is delightful to work with, we’ve been fortunate to do some of our work with the Maine Arts Assessment Teacher Leaders at the museum.

I recommend that you visit the museum during your summer break, you won’t be disappointed. Read the entire article and learn more by clicking here.


University of Maine Museum

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