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Music at the Core: Making Standards Work

June 22, 2014

Online course offered

This online professional development course helps participants understand how to create lesson plans that include embedded standards in the music curriculum.

Course description
Music teachers set high standards for their students by the nature of what they do. Performances have to make audiences and performers alike happy. But just getting applause and a “good job” from an administrator doesn’t mean you can readily prove what your students know and are able to do.

No matter where you are, this class will show you how to “begin with the end in mind” and structure your teaching around State, National and/or Common Core standards. We’ll explore online tools, building authentic rubrics, and how to manage your data. More importantly, you’ll learn how to enhance what you already do while meeting your Standards requirements.

Course goals
Upon completion of this course, learners will understand how to create lesson plans that include embedded standards in music. Use of web-based technology will enhance this process and embed 21st Century skills throughout the course. This course also provides a component of each of the six Standards of the North Carolina Teacher Evaluation process.

Course objectives
Collaborate with classroom or core subject teacher.
Develop effective rubrics for both teacher and student.
Adapt a lesson plan template to incorporate standards.
Explore online collaboration and/or storage tools.
Work collaboratively with peers to develop a standards aligned lesson and/or unit.

This course is being taught by Barbara Vinal (Packales) with a start date of July 9, 2014. To register please click here.

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