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Calling All Arts Educators!!

July 23, 2014

Maine Focus Groups and Community Conversations – don’t miss this opportunity!


Please join us Tuesday, July 29, 7:00-8:00 at the Maine College of Art, 522 Congress St, Portland, ME

for an opportunity to have a conversation with those interested in arts education about the future of Maine arts education. The Maine Arts Commission is creating a Cultural Strategic Plan and holding events in a handful of locations. This one is specifically to talk about education in the Arts. What kinds of creative opportunities and activities you would like to see available for our residents, our children, and our families in Maine. Often times, plans are created FOR us, instead of WITH us they miss the mark and the opportunity to see what we value included in the mix.

This opportunity is specific to arts education and part of a bigger picture that the Maine Arts Commission has undertaken.

Project Goal

  • Create Maines Cultural Strategic Plan
  • Discover new ways to increase the value, reach, and relevance of Maine Arts Commission’s programs and services across the State and, by spring 2015, create a cultural strategic plan to guide implementation.

Focus Group Goal & Community Conversation Goal

  • To achieve a clearer understanding of what Mainers think about arts and cultural development and what they would most value in terms of future opportunities, activities and offerings. These session provide the opportunity for more in-depth information seeking especially for people not inclined to complete a public opinion survey.

In order for Maine’s cultural strategic plan to be truly representative of all our residents, it is important that we hear from a variety of arts educators to share their opinions and views with us. More individuals will participate if they are invited by someone they know and trust. Please invite a colleague or someone else that you know is committed to quality visual and performing arts education for all students.

There will be several community gatherings in Maine but this is the only one that is specific to arts education.

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