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August 9, 2014

For Immediate Release

JCPenney Shoppers Encouraged to Support Arts in Education in August

New York, NY (August 6, 2014) JCPenney believes that supporting arts in education is extremely important in building strong, confident and inspired students. Throughout the month of August, JCPenney shoppers can round up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to support arts in education. Contributions will be donated to JCPenney Cares to help fund national and local arts education programs through partnerships such as Young Audiences Arts for Learning, the nation’s largest arts-in-education organization.

“Arts in education is often thought of as a secondary subject, but it is a core subject that inspires young people to be creative and analytic thinkers and helps them persevere in school and their future careers” stated David A. Dik, Young Audiences Arts for Learning’s National Executive Director.

Through round-up donations, JCPenney Cares funding will support everything from classroom resources, like instruments and art supplies, to basic teacher needs allowing for an impactful and art filled experience. The arts play a unique and critical role in helping students develop the kind of innovative skills that, when combined with a STEM education, position America’s youth to better compete in the 21st century marketplace.

About Young Audiences Arts for Learning

Founded in 1952, Young Audiences Arts for Learning is the nation’s leading source of arts in education services. YA’s mission is to inspire young people and to expand their learning through the arts. Its network of 30 affiliates with 4,400 teaching artists and 84,000 programs reaches almost 5 million children in 9,000 schools and community centers across the country. Its services include arts-integrated workshops and residencies, and professional learning opportunities for educators and artists.

About JCPenney

J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (JCP), one of the nation`s largest apparel and home furnishing retailers, is dedicated to fitting the diversity of America with unparalleled style, quality and value. Across approximately 1,100 stores and at, customers will discover a broad assortment of national, private and exclusive brands to fit all shapes, sizes, colors and wallets. For more information, please visit

Press Contacts:

Young Audiences Arts for Learning
Marcus Romero, Communications Manager
T: 212-860-1563 X108, E:

JCPenney Media Relations
T: 972-431-3400, E:


What are the Summit Participants Saying?

August 9, 2014

Summit on Arts Education, July 29-August 1, 2014

If you follow the Maine Arts Ed blog you are aware of all the posts during the last several days that have to do with a component of the Summit. You might be wondering: What are the participants saying about the Summit?”


Summit on Arts Education participants

Soooooo…. here is some of the feedback that was collected electronically from teachers at the conclusion of each day:

Overall comments:

  • I have not had a professional development in assessment before and it was great!
  • Plenty of opportunities to meet people and collaborate
  • There was an incredible diversity of knowledge, and information that was shared continuously
  • Everyone was full of energy and ideas. It made me really excited to start integrating what I’ve learned!
  • This week, I was able to take all the various pieces I’ve worked with (from over the past couple years) and consolidate them into a plan that fits my teaching style and my curriculum!
  • Every conversation I had was meaningful

What did I learn (on specific topics) on the first day:

  • Student-centered classroom, assessment and classroom strategies
    • I learned about backward design
    • Student-centered learning is the foundation of a standards-based classroom.
    • “I Can” statements for standards, how others are assessing successfully
  • How do I organize information
    • I learned that I can only absorb so much. There is a lot to absorb here!
    • That my brain is still very much in summer mode.
    • Self and educational discovery takes time and is hard work
  • Advocacy
    • Arts assessment is in part, advocation for our art programs.
    • The webinar with Washington was very interesting and enlightening, I had no idea about what happens at that end of the spectrum. Wonderful to see how people are advocates.
  • MAAI and teacher leaders
    • That Maine has a dedicated group of professionals united in working on assessment to improve teaching and learning.
    • I learned about the responsibilities of a teacher leader.
    • How a visual arts teacher went through the process of becoming a teacher leader
    • MAAI is there to support my art ed learning that meets my needs. I felt like I should have been involved in MAAI sooner!
  • Collaboration
    • Everyone can be a resource in areas they are passionately curious about
    • The need to collaborate is essential!
  • Standards and proficiency
    • The idea of “Power Standards” seems like a good place to start
    • Using Standards-based assessments involves working towards clear goals or ‘big ideas’& communicating those goals to students, empowering students to take ownership of their progress towards these goals, and giving feedback along the way.
  • Technology
    • New resources are available in a variety of media, which will help inform my teaching and assessment practices
    • I learn that digital portfolios are something several of us are working on.
  • Teaching Artists
    • I learned what a teaching artist is.
    • Good inquiry about the role of the teaching artist

Sarah Gould and Michaela Digianvittorio, Gray-New Gloucester High School visual art teachers

I will share more participant feedback in the future. Thanks to Jeff Beaudry for collecting the information and sharing it with participants each morning during the Summit!

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