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What is a Teaching Artist?

August 20, 2014

MACs Commitment

The Maine Arts Commission (MAC) is committed to providing professional development opportunities for teaching artists and the creation of a Teaching Artist roster. Efforts to address these areas of need are underway and will grow over time. Professional development is being offered for the MAC’s Creative Aging program and for PK-12 learners in a variety of educational settings.

Some of the Maine Arts Ed blog readers might be wondering what a Teaching Artist actually is?!

Teaching Artists are professional artists who are dedicated to lifelong learning and arts education, have made it an integral part of their professional practice, and who have cultivated skills as educators in concert with their skills as artists.


Dancer/Teaching Artist John Morris and Easton K-12 Music Educator Pam Kinsey

Teaching Artists were invited to participate in the Summit on Arts Education at USM, Portland, July 29-August 1. Five Teaching Artists participated, not only did it benefit them but it was wonderful for the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative community of PK-12 arts educators who attended as well. We welcome TA since they really get to the heart of the “art”! The new Maine Arts Assessment webpage located at has a page dedicated to these teaching artists at!teaching-artists/c8po.

  • Randy Fein
  • Stephanie McGary
  • John Morris
  • Shirleyanne Ratajczak
  • Vanessa Romanoff

Veteran Teaching Artist Nancy Salmon, who some of you might remember from the MAC Partners in Arts and Learning program, is working closely with MAC to support the Teaching Artists. Nancy presented a workshop at the Summit called What is the Role of the Teaching Artist? Participants left with a better understanding of the role and of course learned through engaging their minds and bodies. The Teaching Artists will join the MAAI Teacher Leaders in October and share their follow-on projects from the Summit.

The Teaching Artist roster is being re-established and later on this week the application will be available to apply to be a member of the roster.

The Creative Aging program is overseen by MAC staff member Kathleen Mundell. Two Teaching Artist workshops have taken place and applications were accepted for the roster this past month. To learn more about the Creative Aging program please click here.

If you have any questions about either program, Creative Aging or PK-12 Teaching Artists, please contact us. Kathleen Mundell or Argy Nestor.

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