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2000th Post

August 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Maine Arts Education blog

tom2Today’s post is number 2000! It is hard to believe that the Maine Arts Ed blog is that old! There are many people to THANK on this day that have provided so much support and encouragement and sooooooo much more!!

Thank you to Ed Brazee who encouraged me to write, to use my voice, and to, and most importantly to write and publish what I was writing. In fact, it was a requirement in the course I was taking with Ed to publish. As most people in the course (and other courses taken with Ed), I thought, Me?, Write?, no way. Fortunately, I am usually up to a challenge and with Ed’s encouragement, I did it. Starting this blog a handful of years later was  somewhat simple compared to that first writing. Thank you Ed!

Thank you to David Patterson for helping me to create the WordPress blog and guiding me every step of the way. The template, banner, format, and content were formulated with David’s encouragement. As you know David passed away in July and I miss him terribly. I dedicate today’s post to David since there would not be a Maine Arts Ed blog without him. Thank you David!

Thank you to my husband who also has a blog, at Maine Outdoors Don often gives me feedback on a post or a photo or an idea.  Not just the blog but on any writing, that I need a quick opinion on. And, then there are the times that we can’t leave the house until I finish writing a blog post. He is the BEST! Thank you Don!

And, most importantly to all the readers of the blog and the 963 followers of the Maine Arts Ed blog, THANK YOU! Without you there would be no reason to blog! I know that most of you are Maine educators and realize how busy your lives are during the school year. Yet, you still find a few minutes to read the daily blog posts (between 800 and 1400 readers a week). Your commitment to the blog is very appreciated!

Please join me in eating a tomato (if you are a tomato lover) to celebrate the meartsed blog! And, here’s to 2000 more! YAHOOOOO!



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