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August 26, 2014

Off I go!

going to GreeceI am fortunate to be on vacation however, the blog will NOT be on vacation. Continuing over the next two weeks while I am away from the office, the blog will bring you all kinds of information. In fact, there are some wonderful resources that have been sent my way that I am passing on to you.

For example, International Dot Day is coming up on September 15 and you can read about it on the blog. People email and call asking specifically about funding sources and Thursday’s post, this week, will be filled with a variety of funding opportunities. There are interesting articles and ideas that are included in the next two weeks as well.

If you need to be in touch with me feel free to email however, I most likely won’t have access to email, so please wait until September 8 when I return.

I know that some of you started school a couple of weeks ago, some are starting before labor day and others not until after labor day. Whenever you start, my warmest wishes for a successful start to the new year!

It feels kind of odd to be on vacation while you are starting school but there is a first time for everything. While I have this opportunity I want to THANK YOU for the important work you do each day ensuring that students receive an excellent education in the Arts!

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